Your agency’s dev team.

(on standby)

We provide select NYC agencies (marketing, branding, PR, social media, experiential, etc.) with on-demand expert development resources.


Based in downtown NYC

Alex Friedman

President | Ruckus Marketing

Working with Takeoff quickly became a natural extension of our agency for development work.  Intelligent, diligent, scalable, and most importantly, reliable.  When we have demand they are ready and willing to step in and augment our teams with the right talent.  As a team, they are great independently; but also dynamically conform to our cadences when necessary.  Highly recommended.  


In-person meetings and local project management.

Always "On"

24hr workflows & guaranteed response times.

Quality Code

Sr. developers and rigorous QA & testing.

Flexible resources you can bring in at any stage of a project life cycle

In Proposal Stage

to assist with documenting business requirements, defining scope and timelines, and solutions consulting.

In Design

to validate wireframes & prototypes, provide UX consultations, and assess the impact of any change requests.

Post design

to implement the creative work you produced and deliver a functional product.

Post Launch

for those minor bug fixes, feature enhancements, and ongoing maintenance & support.

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